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The Lucchese villas

A few kilometers from the "Al Falchetto", surrounded by green slopes of the hills Pizzorne are some of the beautiful villas of Lucca built during the Renaissance, as the summer residence of the Dukes of Lucca. The itinerary can start from Marlia with the Villa Reale, residence, in the nineteenth century, Elisa Baciocchi, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. The villa is not open, but still worth a visit to the park and its spectacular gardens, among which stands out for its originality of the theater "verdure" where she performed the famous violinist Paganini. Passing through St. Columban you get to where Segromigno in Monte Villa Mansi, who was recently restored, is representative of the culture and society Aristocratic Republic. From Segromigno you reach Camigliano, where Villa Torrigiani, baroque mansion with gardens still intact in the original forms, full of surprises and jokes of water and where the interior is furnished to the public.