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Cyclink on the walls

Starting from the bastion of San Donato, we come quickly to the ring that runs along the walls. Continuing on we come to another stronghold, that of Santa Croce, which leads directly to an enlargement of the walls where St. Fradiano Square, where you can see the Church of San Frediano and the summits of mountains in the back of Lucca. At this point we have to leave the walls and down a ramp that leads us to the door of the Angel. Once on the road to continue on Tinivella, following a small run of about twenty meters and then we come towards the coast along the river Serchio in a relaxing ride in the woods and the sound of water. Crossed Mount San Quirico, with a stop due to the extraordinary landscape that gives us, we go back through Porta Santa Maria, so returning to town. We climb the walls and move on to the ramparts of St. Peter and St. Saviour. Here you can enjoy spectacular views and you can relax by lying down in the spacious gardens. At the height of the bulwark of Liberty, later, you may instead see the lush vegetation of the Botanic Garden. Among the tops of towering trees then we see the majesty of the Duomo.

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